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Audi S2 Rear Limited Slip Differential

  • $1,450.00

Limited slip differential Audi A4/6/8 rear & Audi S2.
Successfully used in rallye, hillclimb race, circuits race, drag racing.

The differential includes:4x + 4x clutch, 1x cone spring, 4x satellite, 2x satellite pin, 2x satellite carrier, 2x planetary wheel, 2x axial washer.

The differential housing is made of stainless and tempered CrMoV steel and nitrided.
The outer clutches are made of steel and tempered CrMoV steel. The inner clutches are additionally nitrided. Pins, satellites and planet gears are made of high-strength case-hardened NiCrMo steel.

Differential has the following ramp settings:
Acceleration side 38° or 33°, deceleration is fixed at 80°.

Supplied settings:

100Nm / 38°