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VW 02M/Q Synchro Gear Set

VW 02M/Q Synchro Gear Set

  • $2,300.00

We have available synchronized gear sets for the VW 02M/Q series transmissions. This gear set provides an improved ratio over the OEM application. These gears are extremely strong and perfect for racing applications. Contents of the kit include gears 3-6 for both input and output shafts. The OEM 1-2 gear and final drives are retained. 

The core charge of $250 is not included in the price. If you can supply your own transmission/gears in exchange you will not be charged this amount. 

Gear Ratio
3 1.643
4 1.375
5 1.467
6 1.250
Final Drive OEM


If you require assembly of this product, please contact us for more details.