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Chump Car Build #3

Posted by Peter Kocandrle on

The latest developments of the chump car build. First and foremost, when you buy a used engine intended for racing; please take it apart. As you can see in these pictures the conrod bearings are exhausted and were not ready for racing. This 2.8L engine will be getting a full OEM replacement bearing, gasket, and ring set. Not to mention a complete head overhaul. 

bmw m52 engine, not so good shape.

A very crusty bottom end to say the least. 

garbage bearing: "just change the gaskets and its fine"

Common high mileage engine wear, but the main bearings are in great shape (no photos included because #bias)

Bare bottom end: BMW m52 2.8l

organization is key: next stop is engine shop

Get it clean and machine.


The cam buckets and lobes were completely crusted over with crap. "Just add oil and change the gaskets" was not going to cut it on this one. 

While these bits are in the machine shop for a hone, decking and cleaning; the suspension is getting re-worked with coil-overs and all rusty/crusty bits media blasted to make em pretty. 

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