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My first blog! Welcome visitors.

Posted by Peter Kocandrle on

It is my pleasure as the owner of Drivesport - Peter Kocandrle - to welcome you to the Drivesport website. Many of you may recognize that our website is fairly new, only being launched September 2016. That being said it is always a work in progress, so please be patient as we improve, make changes and add more product. Feel free to contact me at if you have any concerns or suggestions. 

Many visitors may wonder who is behind drivesport, so here is brief recap.

I began rally racing in 2008 in a 1991 Suzuki Swift and was involved in the sport for many years prior. As my passion for rally racing grew, along with some notable results I began the quest for a Suzuki Swift Mk2 Dogkit to improve the vehicle's performance. Upon travelling to my 'mother land', the Czech Republic in 2010, a dear friend of mine recommended I visit the Kalmar Motorsport factory in Prague, located only a few hundred meters from the Staropramen Brewery. Sure enough Kalmar had a 5 speed dog kit that worked for my car and two weeks later the gearkit was installed. 

The first time I drove the car with the dog kit I completely lost my balls, ripping up and down the street with the biggest smile on my face. Shortly after I asked myself "why doesn't anyone import this product into Canada?". The following year I 'upgraded' to a different rally car; a VW Golf (2L, 16v). Upon doing so I immediately contacted Kalmar Motorsports, who are renowned for their 4spd, 5spd, and 6spd VW dog kits and differentials. They were willing to supply me with a 6 spd dog kit and a limited slip differential and I also agreed to start promoting their product in Canada and the USA. While my performance in the VW rally car was questionable at best, I became more familiar with the Kalmar product and how important drivetrain modifications were for race cars.  After powering through the rocks, trees, jumps and poor marketing in the rally circuit for a number of years, I started to seek out other avenues to get seat time.

As a result I have restored a VW MK3 track car (GT-4 class) and attended multiple track sessions in the past two years. Currently I use the track car as a means of promoting the Kalmar Motorsports product, using their short ratio synchro set and a SQS sequential shift. We are happy to exclusively supply Kalmar gear kits and differentials to the Canadian market, and are more then happy to do business with customers in the USA. Over the past few years I have gathered a great skill set and knowledge base concerning transmissions and would be delighted to provide you specialized servicing and products. 

Over the winter I hope to bring exciting news and plenty of new products to the Drivesport website. Keep checking back for updates and if you have any questions regarding our products, don't hesitate to contact me at 



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